Are babies born bullies?

Is there a bully in my brain?

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UBC Study shows infants learn social stratification as early as nine months.

Babies today are all about blankies, bottles and ... bullying?

Is there science behind Maggie Simpson's notoriously fierce mean streak when confronted by meddlesome monkeys or the evil baby? (Photo: 20th Century Fox)

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A new University of British Columbia study done by the Centre for Infant Cognition suggests naptime may be the new frontier in the war on bullying.

Bullied children may bring exclusion on themselves with gene-linked behavior, study says. 

The episodes of bullying that mar early grade school years for hundreds of children may be a partial result of the victim’s DNA, a new study suggested Wednesday.

The behaviors that most often lead to exclusion and victimization in the classroom or schoolyard have their roots in a student’s genes, the study said, arguing that children’s genetic makeup has a direct impact on the quality of the interactions they enjoy with their peers.

The findings were published on the website of the journal Child Development.

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