Why Do We Bully?

Why Do We Bully?

A Special Curriculum To Help Young People Understand and Cope with Conditioning

Section 1: Our Conditioning Creates Our Thoughts

  • Lesson 1. We All Have Experiences with Bullies
  • Lesson 2. All Our Experiences Create Memories
  • Lesson 3. Bully Memories Trigger Disturbing Thoughts

Section 2: Our Thoughts Are Logged Into Our Brain

  • Lesson 4. What We Think Triggers What We Feel
  • Lesson 5. What We Feel Lights a Biological Fuse
  • Lesson 6. Do We Fight, or Do We Run?

Section 3: What We Think Affects How We Act

  • Lesson 7. It’s Our Brain That’s Causing Us Pain
  • Lesson 8 A Brain in Pain Causes Conflict
  • Lesson 9. We Get Into Conflict with Our Self and Others

Section 4: When Conditioning Is Seen, Thoughts Change, and So Do Our Lives

  • Lesson 10. The Power of Observation
  • Lesson 11. Inaction Is the Highest Form of Action
  • Lesson 12. We Can Stop Any Conflict Before It Starts

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