Why Is Everybody Always Picking On Me?

Why Is Everybody Always Picking On Me?

A Guide to Handling Bullies

Lively color illustrations, exciting stories, and practical tips and role-playing exercises help give children the tools to avoid being victimized.

  • Cope with the "Schoolyard Bully"!
  • Stop bullies by using the "School of No Sword"!
  • Gain the confidence to win without fighting!

This book is also for adults searching for constructive ways to help young people peacefully confront hostile aggression. Illustrated by award-winning artist, Rod Cameron.

Webster-Doyle's insight is that by recognizing, understanding, and accepting our violent tendencies, we can avoid acting them out. These new books are good for teachers and parents of school children who need appropriate language and activites to help children deal with their feelings and the violence-provoking parts of their environment. To this reviewer, they are realistic and practical.

YOUNG CHILDREN, Magazine of the National Association for the Education of Young Children


  • Recipient of the Silver Benjamin Franklin Award
  • Named one of the 10 best books by the Omega New Age Directory


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