Why Am I Always Picking on Myself?

Why Am I Always Picking on Myself?

A Special Curriculum To Help Young People Understand The Inner Bully

Each of us has an “inner bully” — an inner voice that nags us, intimidates us. This is often where bullying begins.

Section 1: Seeing the World in Black and White

  • Lesson 1. We All Have Knots in Our Brains
  • Lesson 2. Living in an “All or Nothing” World
  • Lesson 3. Assuming and Expecting the Worst

Section 2: Seeing Less Instead of More

  • Lesson 4. Focusing on the Negatives
  • Lesson 5. My Accomplishments Are Not Worth Mentioning
  • Lesson 6. Never Seeing the Full Picture

Section 3: Noticing the Dark Instead of the Light

  • Lesson 7. How I Feel Is Who and What I Am
  • Lesson 8 Rules for Perfection Are Hard to Live By
  • Lesson 9. Identifying with Weaknesses Instead of Strengths

Section 4: Judging Myself Guilty in the Court of Life

  • Lesson 10. Blaming Without Considering Responsibility
  • Lesson 11. My Behavior Always Embarrasses Me
  • Lesson 12. Everyone Is Better Than I Am

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